About us

Joint Stock Company Gazprombank - Asset Management (GPB-AM) was founded in 2004 and is ranked among the top 5 asset management companies in Russia.

Being a part of Gazprombank Group's asset management business, the Company holds over 614,65 bln RUB in funds under management by the end of 2020.

For many years, the Company has owed its stable position in the asset management business to the exceptional expertise of its team. The profile of the Company's investment process, financial standing, risk management, and business diversification enable the highest possible level of reliability and service quality. GPB AM benefits from access to Gazprombank’s infrastructure also has on the ground presence in Luxembourg.

#1 Asset Manager in closed-end Mutual Funds
#1 by number of endowment funds
The Highest raiting
Expert RA A++

Investment process

Our investment process is a combination of top-down and bottom-up analysis. In order to determine the investment goals and horizon,
we use macroeconomic data, forecasts of companies, and our own models.

We regularly study financial markets and industries, as well as several hundreds of individual assets and instruments.

Top-down Analysis
Analysis of global, regional, and country-specific macroeconomic performance indicators and political situation
Assessment of risk appetite with respect to Eastern Europe, the CIS and Russia with the aim of determining the desired level of investments
Sectors for assets allocation are chosen by means of sectoral analysis
Analysis of demand and supply for a better implementation of investment decisions
Currency market analysis
Bottom-up Analysis
Analysis of yield curves and curve spreads with the aim of determining the undervalued issues of fixed-income instruments
Analysis of the company's competitive position, gross revenues, business margin growth drivers, and potential for generating cash flow
Industry analysis for the purposes of determining development prospects and relative value
Taking into consideration the management's reputation, work experience, and future strategy
Analysis of the company's capital structure, covenant, shareholder structure, and liquidity

Our product line

Gazprombank Asset Management has considerable experience in the asset management for institutional investors. Our customers are major Russian organizations represented by non-state pension funds, insurers, self-regulatory organizations, and endowment funds.

Also GPB AM has strong positions in retail segment of investing market holding funds over than 50 000 private and HNWI clients.

Retail Business

As one of the market leaders in retail we offer our clients wide product line of open-end mutual funds, individual investment accounts and confidential asset management. Our product line consists of 9 open-end mutual funds and 3 Individual Investment Account strategies.


Gazprombank Asset Management holds on over RUB 18,1 bln of HNWI funds and offers to high net worth individuals various product line: eurobonds mutual funds, structured notes and other investment instruments.

Non-state Pension Funds

We are especially careful when selecting instruments to place pension savings into by offering investment strategies for the placement of funds into highly reliable assets, including fixed-income securities.

Insurance companies

The extensive investment opportunities allow you to consider highly reliable fixed-income securities as investment instruments, as well as alternative instruments with a capital protection option during periods of high market volatility, or higher risk-level instruments during periods of positive market trends.

Self-regulatory organizations

The Company manages the assets of arbitration managers, appraisers/valuers, and credit cooperatives. The investment strategy aims to ensure secure transfer of all assets put into trust and achieve returns in excess of interest rates on medium-term deposits.

Endowment funds

We offer access to all financial market instruments, thus helping our clients to create a source of long-term finance, generate regular income that does not depend on one-time donations, and leverage donations to the greatest extent possible.


For many years, Gazprombank Asset Management has owed its stable position in the asset management market and investment performance to the exceptional expertise of its team, while the profile of the Company's investment process, financial standing, risk management, and business diversification enable the highest possible level of reliability and service quality. Gazprombank AM has a strong expertise in Fixed Income and Equities markets and is renowned for its well-developed investment process and solid investment team. Being a part of Gazprombank, analysts of the company have an ultimate access to almost all Russian leading companies and the relevant analytical data.

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